Send Flowers Dubai

Although there is no shortage of florists in the UAE, not all of them are dependable. If you want to send flowers Dubai quickly, you have to engage the services of a florist you can trust. Knowing how to discern the traits of a professional flower shop can go a long way to help you make the right decision.

Here are a few qualities to look out for when searching for a professional flower shop.

Creative Floral Designs

Creativity is everything when dealing with floral designs and arrangement. A professional floral boutique should have creative and innovative florists who have a passion for arts and crafts and they enjoy playing around with colors and designs. This way, you’ll be sure of receiving unique floral designs for any occasion.

Excellent Color Coordination

A good understanding of color coordination is an important trait that any professional florist should have. Before engaging any flower shop, make sure they understand what colors blend well with each occasion. You can check this out by asking for samples of their floral arrangements and designs.

Have a Professional Website

With most customers opting for online shopping, having a website is important for any professional flower shop. Clients should be able to view what the shop has to offer, compare prices, make inquiries and place an order directly from the company’s website. The website should be certified to ensure fast and safe transactions.

Verifiable Physical Address

Although most florists now sell online, it is still important for them to have a verifiable physical address. Whether it’s a startup or an established flower business, indicating the physical location of the store can go a long way to build credibility and trust. Customers will have a sense of security knowing that the flower shop is situated in a known location even if the owner is operating the business from home.

No Hidden Costs

A professional flower shop should not use “click bait” tactics to lure unsuspecting clients into paying for services that they do not need. Before placing your order, make sure you inquire about the total costs ranging from consultation to delivery. This will eliminate any surprises and ensure you only pay for what you see and want.

Reasonable Substitution Policy

Sometimes, the florist might deliver the wrong order perhaps due to supply problems or poor communication between parties involved. The good news is that many flower shops have substitution policies that allow you to return the flowers for an alternative, in case you received the wrong color or variety.

Timely Delivery

If you are hosting a large party or family get together, you need to ensure that your flowers will arrive in time. A professional flower shop should be able to deliver your order promptly as per your schedule to prevent any disappointments. You should also be able to track your order to ensure it will arrive on schedule.