Persian carpet owners are keen on the care and maintenance that goes into their rugs. This is because these carpets are quite expensive and it is only suitable that they last a long time for the value of their money. Persian carpets UAE requires extra attention from day to day handling to long term measures that overall preserve them longer. This starts from their placement to washing and how you store them. If possible, anything that would cause any form of wear and tear should be avoided. If this is not possible, alternative measures such as rotating your carpets could be useful to prevent damage. Many Persian carpet sellers provide information on the care of these carpets at the point of purchase so that their clients enjoy the maximum benefit of their purchases.

Professional Washing

Cleaning is the basic step required in the maintenance of any carpet or rug. Poor cleaning practices result in staining, fading, or wear and tear of a carpet. Above the usual occasional cleaning that one can do for themselves at home, getting a professional wash a few times in the year is an extra step that may benefit your carpet pieces. This helps cater to stubborn stains or dirt that may have gotten stuck in between the carpet fibers without damaging the carpet. Professional washing is affordable and is only required every few months.

Use Interchangeably

If possible, have multiple rugs that enable you to give each of them a break occasionally. Having your rugs in constant rotation prevents them from too much strain and exposure to harsh conditions that may result in them aging faster. The higher the number of rugs in rotation the more likely they are to last longer as there is enough time in between rotations to preserve the rugs. This is a culture that is developed over time but has long term benefits to the carpet owners.

Rotate Rug or Furniture

If you do not have multiple rugs to change from time to time, a similar practice is to rotate the rug or your furniture occasionally. This prevents some parts of the rug from having more exposure to harsh conditions than others especially the silk carpet Dubai. If a rug is along a high traffic area, rotating it exposes all the edges evenly to traffic exposure and the overall appearance of the rug remains uniform. If the furniture is easily movable, rotating it gives the same effect. This mostly applies to smaller rooms that may not allow changing the rug layout often.

Regular Vacuuming

Even when a rug does not appear dirty, there are usually many invisible particles that accumulate on it. At a glance, everything might seem okay but what happens over time is that the tiny dust particles accumulate in between the microfibers of the rug-making it to be clogged with dirt that is hard to clean. Regular vacuuming helps prevent this and it removes all dust and dirt particles on a regular basis preserving the rug and having it looking brand new. Vacuuming takes only a few minutes and if possible should be done biweekly for best or at the very least once a week for best results.

Minimize Direct Sunlight

Direct exposure to sunlight has detrimental effects on a carpet. The rays of the sun affect the natural colors of dyes on the rug causing them to change in their appearance or even worse fade. Natural dyes are much pigmented and the colors are vibrant compared to synthetic dyes. However, this easily changes with extreme sunlight exposure and is another reason to constantly rotate your rugs. If possible, keep your rugs away from big windows and limit the number of hours of sunlight exposure when drying out in the sun.