It’s one of the best destination countries to have a second passport. People here are very hospitable and the perfect climatic conditions suit everyone, be it for ease of doing business or for its tourist attractions. With dual citizenship you can avail visa free travel to more than 150 countries and also avail tax exemption given by the country.

As any other country Dominican has taken up this initiative to boost economic condition of the country which will aid in increasing the revenue sources of the country. By becoming a citizen, you can enjoy all the privileges which are given to their regular citizens. You cannot directly apply for citizenship but have to go through registered agents to get the citizenship. There are mainly two ways by which you can get citizenship through investment.

Process of Obtaining Dominican Citizenship


This is one of the methods by which you can get a second passport. You are required to make donation of DH 367290(single applicant) towards economic diversity fund (EDF) which is used for national development projects. It can be project related building hospital, educational institutions, agriculture, hotels and resorts. If it’s for a single applicant, then this is beneficial as there are no government fees on this. This is nonrefundable investment.

Investment in Real Estates

Here the applicant can invest in government approved real estates which could be resorts, spas and hotels or hospitals. Applicant is required to make DH 734580 and government fees for this is Dh 91822 for a single applicant. This is an expensive method for getting citizenship of Dominican but with booming tourism industry, return on investment will be high in the real estates.

Dominican Citizenship

How to Apply?

Apply through registered agents by selecting from a list of authorized agents. Authorized agent will provide you required forms and documents and also gives you a list of documents which need to be notarized and legalized before submitting. Also, you would be required to undergo medical examination. The list of documents is huge and have to ensure correctness of each document.  Apply for Dominican dual citizenship with PassPro to ensure you get your Dominican citizenship right away.

These documents will be submitted to CBIU (Citizenship by investment unit) by your authorized agent. After thorough background check of your application, authorized agent will intimate you about the status of your application (approved/ delayed/ rejected).

From here on authorized agent will coordinate with CBIU on your behalf. For more information visit PassPro website.