Chartered Accountant Firm in Dubai

A chartered accountant is a highly qualified professional who is responsible for a diverse range of activities in the accounting department. They conduct several tasks and are held responsible for the team. Skills needed for someone to be a chartered accountant are communication skills, both oral and written, a good working history, and extensive knowledge on accounting related issues. Most chartered accountant firm in Dubai are equipped with highly trained and reputable chartered accountants who perform a variety of duties in the company. In this article we continue to discuss the various roles and responsibilities covered by a professional CA.

Manage the Financial Process

As mentioned, a CA is accountable for managing the entire financial process. This makes them the point person for all things finances and ensures they stay on top of everything happening in terms of finances. Their expertise makes them ideal for this task as they are capable of handling the whole financial system.

Prepare Financial Reports

Since CA oversee the overall finances of the entity, they are certainly held responsible to also prepare the monthly finance reports. It is a combination of their work in addition to the team’s work who they oversee when preparing the report. It reflects the company’s finances and provides a general overview of what is included.

Oversee the Accounting Team

Since a chartered accountant is well rounded and has more expertise, it is the duty to oversee the rest of the accounting team in order to ensure everyone is carrying out their tasks and doing their work on time. Their extensive knowledge in accounting makes them suitable for overseeing the rest of the team.

Implement Important Systems and Processes

Anything that goes on in the accounting departments is handled by and implemented by the chartered accountant. As the point person, they are responsible for any systems or processes used and it is their job to ensure everything is in order and the right systems are being used. If not, they have the power to implement new systems to ensure sustainability.

In Conclusion

A chartered accountant is highly specialized and trained to handle all your accounting needs. It is imperative to get the best auditor in Dubai to help you with your financial books and evaluate where you are. This can help you plan and strategize for the future of your company and ensures your company stays afloat.