Skidding Equipment

Jacking and skidding equipment Dubai are common in mining, construction, manufacturing, and ports. The machines are meant to help in loading, offloading or transport of heavy loads. The machines are meant to work in confined or limited spaces. Cranes might not be the best option in such areas because they are not safe. Apart from that, jacking and skidding equipment are meant to transport or relocate delicate items or machinery from one place to another.

The equipment requires regular maintenance practices to improve its durability. Here are some tips on how you can keep the machinery in top-notch condition.

Regular Checkup


All moving parts should be greased always to avoid wear and tear. Lubrication also reduces heat caused by friction between moving parts. It also reduces strain on the jacking and skidding hydraulic system. You should grease all the ball bearings and moving parts. Greasing protects the machinery parts from tear and wears as a result of rust because they are in constant exposure to dust and fluids which can cause rusting.

Regular Cleaning

You should keep the equipment from solid materials that may be stuck between the joints. You should use the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines. Some parts require special cleaning fluids to avoid degeneration. You can also remove foreign matter by using blowers where fluids are not recommended. Cleaning increases the efficiency of the equipment and also improves its durability. You should always keep the equipment clean after use.

Maintain Jacking

Regular Checkup

Just like our bodies need the attention of a physician, jacking and skidding machinery should have a regular checkup. The maintenance practice should be carried at least once a year. Equipment checkup is necessary whether it’s faulty or not. It is advisable to curb any small faults in the machine. Any ignorance can prove costly because jacking and skidding systems need precision and maximum efficiency. You should always involve a professional to do the machine audit or invest in training your operators.

Proper Training

It is not just about sliding gears and the machine is set. The equipment operators should fully understand the best practices to keep the jack and skids in optimum working condition. The workers should have regular training to ensure they are up to date with any operation changes. New workers should also receive tailor-made training to make them accustomed to the machinery. The training should include equipment maintenance practices.

Have A Checklist

Forgetting some procedures during operations is easy. Therefore, ensure the operator has kept all the safety cards near them. Other workers on the site should also have safety measure reviews before they start their shifts. Have the safety measures placed in distinct locations where even new staff can read is the initiative of all the workers in the warehouse to take care of the company equipment. Visit us now to book jacking and skidding equipment for your heavy lifting project.

Tips to Properly Maintain Jacking and Skidding Equipment

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